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Electronic Agent Lock Box

Fall Special San Diego County

Electronic Agent Lock Box Rental Now $90.00 + shipping ordered by Dec 15

Happy Birthday MLS-Listing.Com

   Happy Birthday is Celebrating 19 years. 3,500+ "For Sale By Owner" Properties SOLD. Millions SAVED in Commissions.

Life Saver

We Both Work

We had so many showings. We just could not RACE home for all the showings. A MUST HAVE ! John & Teri T, Anaheim


Showing Report

E-mails Direct to Us

We were concerned about a lock box on our home. But, the showing report told us the name, phone #, ofiice name of each agent that showed our property. We knew everything. Thanks Jennifer W. Morgan Hill

Get Out of Jail

Free Card

We felt like Prisioners

Your lockbox was like a get out of jail free card. We hated waiting around for agent's to show up OR NOT. We would recommend the lock box without hesisation. Jill M, Laguna Beach

Electronic Agent Lock Box

Never miss a showing opportunity

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The "Gold Standard" Lock Box for Agents all over  California.

  •  Directly e-mails you a showing report after every showing.
  • Includes showing time, Agent name, phone #, email address, office name.
  • Easy follow up after showing.
  •   Ready & Easy to install.
  • Safe & Secure

 Lock Box Rental Fee : $110.00 until closing                                 Plus, $150 refundable deposit. S&H $10.00



Competitor Survey

No Guessing! Just the Facts!

Don't lower your price before a Competitior Survey

This is a "LIVE" ONE on One confidential review of currently complied MARKET FACTS for your market area. You will obtain an unbiased market information. This information is designed to provide a road map of how to proceed.

  • Property NOT Selling. Discover the cure.
  • What are buyers/agents really saying about your property
  • Your "Days on Market vs. Competitors
  • Number of Actual Competitors
  • Knowing your TRUE Competitors = Shortest Market TIme + Highest Sales Price

Competitor Survey: "Live" One on One phone analysis, Q & A, Plus, emailed specific market facts : $ 99




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