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   Happy Birthday

MLS-Listing.com is Celebrating 19 years. 3,500+ "For Sale By Owner" Properties SOLD. Millions SAVED in Commissions.

Why Us ?

Professional Flat Fee MLS Service

We saw a void in the market place for a professional flat fee mls listing service. A service that could be customized to fit the needs of a professional investor / flipper. As Investors, we knew what was needed and how to provide that service. They needed professional, reliable, fast, confidential, customized flat fee mls listing service. A service that offered professional resources and tools. Resources that included current innovative, cutting edge, technology, news and strategies. Information that is constantly evolving in our fast paced real estate industry. We share this information with our clients

Novice or Newbies

Soon, novice or newbies discovered how our "Live Coaching" could help them grow and thrive. Education and information became  an integral part of our service. Later, homeowner with a couple home

Frustrated Homeowners

Many homeowners experienced the frustrations of working with real estate agents who:

  • Listed their properties and disappeared
  • They were not returning calls
  • Place a sign in front and waited for an agent to bring an offer
  • Were not earning that large commission they were asking
  • Provided bias advice to close the transaction

Once homeowners discovered they had selling options and unbiased Live Coaching they started joining the ranks of successful sellers. Referrals spread and homeowners now enjoy the benefits of the professionals.  

Beware of Referral or Middle Man Services

Recently, numerous Referral or  Middle Man MLS Listing Services have arrived on the web. These out of state listing services pretend to be able to list in any state and any cities MLS. But, they can't. They would have to be licensed in every state and belong to every regional MLS. This is impratical and not cost effective. So, they must rely on referring your listing to the cheapest local agent.

So, what's the problem

  • Middle Men are not licensed. You have no recourse
  • Middle Men collects your payment up front
  • Middel Men try to make money on the spread
  • They shop for the cheapest local agent
  • The least successful local agent agrees
  • Least successful has no experience in nuances of FSBO Listing
  • No experience in Live Coaching or successful listing presentation
  • Will not make price or listing changes without an additional fee
  • Your left to deal with that local agent that you did not pay directly
  • The agent does not have the transaction forms you will need.
  • This agent hopes you will fail. Then, list full service with them
  • No Refunds or Credit Back ! No Recourse   

How do we know these problems? Because investors and home sellers have told us their stories. They feel tricked, scammed and angry. Don't fall into that trap. Learn from their mistakes.



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